Drug Statistics and trends
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Drug Statistics
* Drug statistics on deaths in the United States in a typical year:
* Tobacco kills about 400,000
* Alcohol kills about 80,000
* Workplace accidents kill 60,000
* Automobiles kill 40,000
* Cocaine kills about 2,500
* Heroin kills about 2,000
* Aspirin kills about 2,000
* Marijuana kills < 100
* All illegal drugs combined kill less than 20,000 per year, or a small percent of the number killed by alcohol and tobacco.
* Tobacco kills more people each year than all of the people killed by all of the illegal drugs in the last one hundred years.
* Drug statistics on prisoners in jail for drug related charges from The National Center On Addiction And Substance Abuse at Columbia University and The Califano Report:
- 1,360,000 Drug Prisoners exist in America
- 1.7 million Americans are incarcerated in prisons or jails, more per capita than any other nation.
- Nearly 80% of all prisoners in America are for drug related offenses.
- Ten million people have been arrested for marijuana since 1965.
* America has only 5% of the world population but consumes 60% of ALL illegal drugs produced in the world.
* There are 47 million school age kids in America; drug statistics estimate that over 27 million of them try drugs and alcohol each year.
* During a 24-hour period in December 1995, at least 60 heroin users in Newark, New Jersey died after using heroin tainted with scopolamine. Scopolamine is available by prescription primarily for treating motion sickness.
* The drug statistics below are from the 2008 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Office of Applied Studies:
* Marijuana was the most commonly used illicit drug (15.2 million past month users).
* Drug statistics in 2008 show that marijuana was used by 75.7 percent of current illicit drug users and was the only drug used by 57.3 percent of them. Illicit drugs other than marijuana were used by 8.6 million persons or 42.7 percent of illicit drug users aged 12 or older. Current use of other drugs but not marijuana was reported by 24.3 percent of illicit drug users, and 18.4 percent used both marijuana and other drugs.
* Among persons aged 12 or older, the overall rate of past month marijuana use in 2008 (6.1 percent) was similar to the rate in 2007 and the rates in earlier years going back to 2002.
* Drug statistics estimate that 8.6 million people aged 12 or older (3.4 percent) were current users of illicit drugs other than marijuana in 2008. The majority of these (6.2 million persons or 2.5 percent of the population) used psychotherapeutic drugs for non medical reasons. An estimated 4.7 million persons used pain relievers for non medical reasons in the past month in 2008, 1.8 million used tranquilizers, 904,000 used stimulants, and 234,000 used sedatives.
* The number and percentage of current nonmedical users of psychotherapeutic drugs in 2008 (6.2 million or 2.5 percent) were lower than in 2007 (6.9 million or 2.8 percent) (Figure 2.2). Drug statistics show a small decline in the percentage of pain reliever users between 2007 (2.1 percent) and 2008 (1.9 percent), although not statistically significant, partly contributed to the lower rate for current use of psychotherapeutic drugs.

Drug Statistics and trends
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